Why baby-wearing?

Babywearing is integral to the culture in Uganda & quickly becoming favorited by caregivers in America as well. And we believe there is nothing better than carrying your little one close! Babywearing fosters a sense of security, attachment, & closeness between caregiver & child, while also providing convenience & functionality in going about your every day life.

Why linen?

The fabric we use is high-quality 100% European linen.

Not only is linen a beautiful textile, but it is also supportive, soft, & breathable. Linen is woven from spun flax that is known for its strength & versatility. It is five times stronger than cotton & a natural anti-bacterial. It is also thermo-regulating, which means that it keeps you & baby cool and dry during the heat, & warm and cozy when it's chilly outside. Linen is also machine-washable, making it easy to care for, & only gets softer & softer the more you use it.

I'm not sure if I'm doing it right. Can you help?

Yes! Remember that you are mastering a new skill, & practice makes perfect! If you haven't got the placement right, you and/or your baby won't be completely comfortable. Just take your baby out and try again. It's all about creating a good seat. Remember that we are always here to help you! For one-on-one assistance, please reach out to us at hello@abaana.co. It's also helpful when first learning to carry in a ring sling to ensure that your baby is fed & well-rested. Also remember that your baby is learning along with you! Your baby will become more comfortable as you become more confident. And soon he or she will even be able to help you get into position quickly as they learn what being carried correctly feels like.

Are ring slings safe?

Yes! You & your baby's safety is our utmost priority. Abaana slings are CPSIA compliant, which means they have been thoroughly tested & certified to meet the criteria for baby-safe carriers. However, as with all baby products, we encourage you to use common sense & proper technique. Please visit our How-To page to watch all tutorials & read all guidelines included in your instructional booklet before attempting to use the sling.

How do I wash & care for my sling?

Your sling may be washed by hand or machine on gentle cycle in cool water with a liquid detergent free of optical brighteners & enzymes. Unthread your sling & place a sock over the rings before putting in the machine. To dry, hang inside out of direct sunlight or in the dryer on the lowest setting.