Scovia with her youngest son, Gideon.

In 2012, Lindsey Warren moved to Africa. After almost three years of living & fostering & loving in Uganda, it came time her to return home to America. During her time overseas, Lindsey had been able to provide steady employment to a God-send of a woman named Nangobi Scovia. Throughout those years, Scovia worked & cared for Lindsey & her little loves cheerfully & tirelessly, bringing so much joy to their home each & every day. She became much more than just an employee; she became family. Not able to imagine leaving her faithful & dear friend without work & the ability to continue to support her children, Lindsey sat down with Scovia on their front porch before she left & asked,

“What is your dream?”

The answer was tailoring. And with a lot of dancing & jumping up & down & tears of gratitude, Scovia began a year-long apprenticeship where she was able to learn & develop her new skill.

Since then, another dream has begun & grown called Abaana. Abaana combines our cross-cultural passion for babywearing, our love of creating beautiful things, & our desire to provide hard-working Ugandan women dignified employment & therefore the ability to become self-sufficient in caring for their families.

Today, your purchase allows you to carry your baby close in a beautiful sling handcrafted in Uganda with a lot of care & love. It also provides Scovia steady work & allows her to provide food, clothing, a home & school fees for her four children. Someday soon, we hope to employ & empower other Ugandan women as they join our team & workshop in Jinja, Uganda.

Welcome to Abaana. Look around! We are so glad you’re here.